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Why should you hire Remote Engineers from India?

Updated: Jul 17

The recent COVID-19 pandemic has pushed everyone to adapt to remote workforce. That’s a blessing in disguise as switching to remote work style gives a massive advantage to hire great talents across the globe.

Yes, there are doubts and scepticism around the IT world on hiring remote developers, engineers and IT professionals. Most CTOs or CEOs still prefer to build an internal team of software engineers and developers. But maintaining a homegrown team of software developers, engineers is not cakewalk and it’s fraught with challenges. But what if there is a solution? What if businesses get quality, knowledgeable engineers without compromising on the talents, dedication, skills and breaking their bank? India with a great pool of talented software engineers and developers is a great option for businesses who are serious about building their own remote team. But why is India the best place to hire remote engineers? What makes India the most potential and promising in this race? Let’s find out the answers here.

Passionate software engineers at your service:

The modern generation of India loves coding. With the rapid growth of IT schools and colleges, there is no dearth of supremely talented engineers in India. With thorough knowledge in coding, software development, testing and cyber security, the IT professionals bring unmatched skills, passion, rigor and problem solving skills on the table and add immense value to any organisation. Just look at all the IT giants and Silicon Valley startups. Chances are you will find Indians there driving the best of innovations with passion and commitment. From Microsoft to Google, from Satya Nadella to Sundar Pichai, the Indian engineers are leading the global IT operations.

With our experience in remote staffing and recruiting, we have experienced the high demand of the software engineers, Devops engineers, Secops engineers from India.

Get engineers with diverse skill-set:

One of the biggest challenges of building a team of engineers is finding the right resource for the right job.

There are a plethora of programming languages and diverse software development projects which require specific skills and expertise in software architecture, SDLC, DevOps, DevSecOps, SecOps and CyberSecurity. Building an in-house team with a judicious mix of all the talents and professionals is a tedious and time-consuming job.

Hiring remote engineers from India is really a great option here. The engineers in India are well-versed in diverse programming languages like Python, Java, Ruby, Rails, .Net, Angular, React and experienced in software development practices like agile methodology.

As India is a hub of experienced developers, the companies have more options at hands to hire the best talent among the lot.

Make a dream team of dedicated and hard working resources:

It’d a myth that remote resources are not as hard-working as the in-house team. Besides the talent and skills, Indian resources are well known for their dedication and hard working. They act like a well-oiled machine and become a vital cog of your organisation quickly by adhering to the management.

Remote engineers from India learn quickly and are great in communication. They scale up soon, own their work and are capable of leading teams. Stats show the retention rate of remote Indian engineers are on the higher side which is a welcome news for the management of any organisation.

Recruit economical resources without compromising on quality:

Most business owners are concerned with the budget and the recent pandemic has made the situation worse. Remote engineers from India is a big help here. Hiring remote engineers from India, you’ll get a team of experts with tons of experience without breaking your bank.

However, the reasonable cost will never be a hindrance in hiring a good engineer for your projects. You will love the quality work remote engineers will deliver even under tight deadlines. Hire remote engineers from India today: Across the globe and job platforms, the praise has been non-stop for the remote engineers for India. We have garnered rave reviews from industry experts and customers alike for helping them to find the best remote resource for their projects and teams.

If you are looking for Remote Engineers to hire, please contact us to know why you should hire Remote Engineers from India or from Cognate Global or click here to know how we can help.

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